Securing the long term future of your business

Vendigital teams excel at high-level cost strategy and rapid implementation. From aerospace and defence through to media and retail, our three step transformation programmes deliver sustained improvements to your cost-base, both today and into the future.

What we deliver
We're cost experts and supply chain and procurement professionals. We take your historic cost base and make rapid improvements by reducing 3rd party spend, increasing your profits and returning cash quickly to your bottom line. Typical activity includes supplier negotiations using the latest tools and techniques, value engineering, portfolio profitability reviews and improvement.
Once the quick wins are secured, we start to tackle the more complex areas. We're skilled at understanding cost and then pulling the right levers to secure step-change improvements to your cost base. This creates competitive advantage by allowing you to become the lowest cost operator in your sector. Activities could include demand management, new supplier sourcing and product and process re-design.
We're committed to sustaining your gains and supporting you in a practical and pragmatic way through the journey. This support could include internal cost-base restructuring, M&A due diligence and synergy delivery, and factory or production relocation. Whatever it takes, our goal is to secure the long-term future of your business by ensuring an agreed cost- transformation programme delivers results.
How we work
Our deep sector expertise and robust analytics allows us to understand the true potential in your business. Combined with a portfolio review, Vendigital's sophisticated analytics restore integrity to your data, giving clarity to where money is made and lost. 
We have the vision, experience and expertise to work out exactly how you can transform your cost base. Our insights will not only give you a prioritised roadmap, but deliver the solid evidence you need to share with and convince your board of the potential.
We help you deliver the benefits our insights identify. Vendigital have an excellent track record of long term partnerships with our clients. We're skilled at working closely with internal teams to implement our insights, delivering in-year cash benefits along with substantial longer term profit gains.

Vendigital’s ability to interpret a new need, then plough through the data at break neck speed, and with great accuracy – really is something to behold. They have delivered brilliant work, supporting us with many of our strategic initiatives.’ 

Richard Thomson, Group Publishing Director, Johnston Press PLC
To find out more about our consulting services, please contact Ben Bird or Michael Minall.

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