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At Vendigital, we are committed to minimising the environmental impact of our operations.

This commitment applies to all activities undertaken as an organisation internally and is reflected in how we partner with suppliers and clients. We aim to achieve this through Carbon Footprint Monitoring, Education, and Environmental Initiatives.

Carbon Footprint Monitoring
As a consulting firm, travel to our clients contribute to a significant portion of our carbon footprint. Therefore, we are commitment to setting up a mechanism for tracking this and implementing policies to minimise our impact.
Whether is it the extent of the impact our actions are having on the environment or if certain items are recyclable, the facts aren’t always clear. Therefore, we believe educating our staff through fun activities can make a real difference.
Environmental Initiatives
We have implemented several initiatives to reduce our environmental impact and are continuing to explore new ways of doing so.

Cycle to Work Scheme

To encourage our colleagues to swap the four wheels for two, Vendigital has signed up to the cyclescheme.co.uk. This benefit supports our colleagues in purchasing their bikes and accessories. By doing so, they are not only able to spread the cost of the purchase, but also secure significant savings from thousands of retailers nationwide.


Although the recyclable waste from our offices goes to recycling facilities, we believe it is important to do more. Therefore, we have recently implemented a company-wide programme using recycled paper across our offices and we’re now recycling our ink cartridges to raise money for charity.

Vendigital Environmental Quiz

Did you know that recycling a glass bottle could save enough energy to power your computer for half an hour? If yes, you would do very well in our environment quiz! We believe one of the best ways to educate our colleagues on the latest opportunities in environmental sustainability is by adding a dose of friendly competition. Colleague participation is key to our CSR initiatives and this is just one example of how we get the whole company involved.


CSR Home Environment Giving Wellbeing

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