CSR Home Environment Giving Wellbeing

Proactively providing support and resources for our colleagues, clients, and communities is a key objective of Vendigital’s CSR programme.

As such, a number of varied initiatives have been implemented over the years and we’re always looking and listening for new opportunities. Here are a few:



We are a very proud partner of SANE, a mental health charity which has been championing awareness and support in the UK since 1986. At Vendigital, this is a cause we care deeply about, and we are working closely with SANE to promote healthy working environments. This is being done via fundraising events, as well as by running a series of workshops for our colleagues.

For more information about SANE and the vital work they do, visit their website here



In addition to our work with SANE, we also partake in volunteer programmes throughout our local communities. A number of our colleagues have participated in career days sharing their consulting skills and business expertise with the charity Chance UK.

For more information about Chance UK, visit their website here



Our colleagues are passionate about many causes which mean a great deal to them as individuals and to their communities, ranging from supporting national to international charities. Whatever it may be, our Giving Team is here to support them to achieve their goals. We have facilitated company-wide and corporate fundraising, enabled our colleagues to volunteer their time, and provided platforms for key sponsorship events. Keep an eye on our stories and articles to see what we’re up to!



CSR Home Environment Giving Wellbeing

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