Action with confidence

Vendigital Smart Technologies deliver unparalleled insight across your critical supply chains. Our integrated software suite provides board level executives and procurement professionals alike with a ‘single source of truth’, enabling you to make critical decisions with confidence.

Our software applications have been designed in real world situations on the back of our rich procurement consultancy heritage, allowing you to optimise costs, leverage strategic relationships, proactively manage risks, drive continuous improvement and much, much more.

Our mission is to work closely with all our clients on an evolving journey of increased supply chain intelligence starting with powerful insights allowing you to make better decisions faster. Our suite of cognitive and predictive technologies will give you the answer before you even ask the question.


Our Insights Cockpit of actionable KPIs critical to your business, will allow you to:

  • Proactively manage costs delivering a step change in P&L and working capital improvement
  • Manage supply chain performance and drive improvement
  • Assess supply chain risks and outline clear strategies for mitigation
  • Analyse macro to micro insights in seconds and take action
  • Facilitate decision maker conversations at the highest levels in the organisation

We allow you to ‘take control’ like never before!

“Data transparency and integrity are essential in order to enable us to manage and transform our supply chain; this system gives us confidence in analysing our current state and enables us to make sound business decisions in a timely manner.”

Chris Bryant, CPO, Meggitt PLC
To find out more about Vendigital Smart Technologies, please contact Grant Millard

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