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CSR Home Environment Giving Wellbeing

At Vendigital, we aim to create and facilitate a positive working environment for all of our colleagues. This includes enabling a culture of physical and mental wellbeing.

Each colleague has a health and wellbeing plan to help  pay for the cost of a wide variety of  health services from gym memberships  to health assessments to 24/7 access to a GP to name a few.

Mental Health matters at Vendigital.  Our expert team of Mental Health First Aiders actively promote positive mental health and provide confidential peer support to their colleagues. Vendigital also provides a 24/7 confidential help line where telephone or face to face support is available on a whole range of wellbeing issues.

We aim to make talking about mental wellbeing as normalised as any other health matter.

Principles of Mental Health Wellbeing at Vendigital





Wellbeing is a continuous journey for Vendigital and anyone joining the company is welcome to contribute to this, as well as to our wider Corporate Social Responsibility agenda.


CSR Home Environment Giving Wellbeing

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